mentorship programs


Our mentorship programs are NOT just another training course. It's hands on accountability with a live mentor utilizing weekly sessions to ensure a filmmaker’s maximum growth while reaching their full potential.


Training courses on their own are passive, and while their intent is for filmmakers to take that knowledge and use it, many do not and so that knowledge goes to waste. You can’t share your wins with a training video. You can’t ask questions to a training video. You can’t get custom feedback from an online course. 


This is where the power of a mentor becomes instrumental to a filmmaker’s success. This is where these mentorship programs shine, and this is where your expertise comes to life.


This is where passive learning becomes active skill building.

These mentors provide hands-on accountability and active weekly sessions. These programs encourage engagement amongst members, not just with their mentors but with their fellow ambitious filmmakers taking the leap to build a life of freedom and purpose.


our partner mentors


robert teegarden


Robert Teegarden is a visual creator based in Los Angeles, CA. A proficient editor, motion graphic artist and cinematographer, Robert is a full package capable of creating emotionally compelling pieces that entertain and move the viewer. 

As an MBA and part-time professor, Robert continually leverages a skill set that allows him to communicate with clients to define objectives and realize their creative vision for the intended demographics that ultimately impact their bottom line.   

He's a husband, a father, life-long metal head, loves pit bulls and on most days is day dreaming about being strapped to a snowboard.  

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bryant walker


Bryant Walker is a filmmaker based out of Charlotte, NC who specializes in digital advertising. He helps brands clarify their message, craft compelling content that authentically connects with audiences, and acquire customers online using direct response video production, social media storytelling, and high converting sales funnels.

Going by "Suburban Bryant", he aims to show that you can live a normal life AND run a successful video business. In his program, you will learn how to safely expand your video business into digital advertising. And if you’re lucky he may even teach you some pro scooter tricks!


josh emerick


Josh Emerick is a DP/Producer based out of Columbus, OH who has been crafting projects for music videos, commercials, and weddings, operating both as a solopreneur and freelancer for the past 9 years. His aim is to equip the next generation of creatives with better resources and leverage his experiences to give them a 9-year head start in their career.


Josh has built his business with a focus on relationships, cultivating a solid client base through systems and processes. His program is built around utilizing the power of communication to understand the goals of your clientele and deliver the best experience possible throughout the creative process.


trent erwin


7 years ago, Trent Erwin thought full-time filmmaking and owning a business was only a fantasy… but all of that changed in 2019. In 2020, he tripled my income and lived a fuller life than he ever thought possible. He will help you get your business up and flourishing from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands a month, with real tactics, behind the scenes looks, sales strategies, and gear insights.